Waste treatment facility

Set Up

Construction and Setup of disposable area

Construction and setup of White Nile Consult Waste management plant in Hoima


Interacting with the machine

Waste Management

WM team under orientation

Site visit

Visitors from Tullow inspecting the facility

Engineers at the facility

Engineers pose for a photo at the facility

Inside waste treatment

Visitors interacting with waste treatment machine

Solid Control Technology

Effective solids control optimizes the size, type and amount of solids in the drilling muds. As discussed earlier in this section, betonies or organophillic clays, barite or other density adjustment materials are the typical solids added to a mud system to achieve desired properties. Drilled cuttings, on the other...

Waste Management

Residual drilling muds and cuttings usually represent the largest volume of wastes generated from drilling operations. The most critical step in maintaining mud systems is maximizing the removal of drilled solids. Once all source reduction options have been exhausted, recycling and waste treatment are...

Oilfield Water Services

We are committed to providing systematic, efficient, cost-effective and integrated waste management solutions to offshore and onshore oil and gas engineering. We achieve this by applying our common experiences of our global cooperative partners and technical cooperation with them...

Engineering Services

We have a team of over 400 dedicated personell,delivering both single issue solutions through to comprehensive project management. Drawing on the skills from a list of specialists which include deep water drilling engineers,mechanical and electrical engineers,safety supervisors,crane drivers and chemical...

Welcome to White Nile Consults

WhiteNile Consults Limited is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in technology research and equipment development and manufacture in the field of oilfield environmental protection and providing comprehensive environmental protection services. White Nile focuses on customer value, social requirements of laws and regulations, sustainable development strategy of environmental friendliness and offers customers systematic waste management solutions. White Nile consistently improves its technical system and service system, promotes energy conservation and emission reduction of East Afrca’s oil cause, and meets the requirements of clean production.

Our Mission: To be committed to the observance of all Health, Safety and Environment requirements in accordance with international practice.

Our Vision: To be committed to the observance of all Health, Safety and Environment requirements in accordance with international practice.

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